Hand woven textiles

I am currently only producing woven textiles by commission.

If you are interested in purchasing a custom piece, please get in touch! Together we will develop a colour palette, determine finished dimensions, and choose a fibre type.

While I am open to some direction, be aware that I have my own specific design style and am not interested in a hovering art director. Please have a look at my previous work to ensure that what I make aligns with what you want.


Because of the variables involved in creating bespoke pieces the cost will vary. During the initial design process I will advise on choices that will ensure the project stays within your budget. Generally speaking, a hand dyed handwoven wrap will cost around $400AUD.


Weaving is a slow process and can take from one to three months depending on where the materials are sources, how big the project is, and whether it will be hand-dyed. Please be patient, I make quality products with the intention that they last generations.