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deep lake mug 5

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* this mug has a small glaze flaw as shown in the second image, the price has been reduced.

Growing up I spent most of my summers at the lake - "the lake" being any of a number of lakes a stones throw from home - and whenever I am feeling stressed or anxious I close my eyes and let my memory guide me back to the peaceful tranquility of floating on the water with the water lapping gently at the shore. Where does your mind go to find calm?

Handbuilt using soft slabs of cool grey speckled clay and porcelain.
Clear, glossy glaze on the interior, exterior glazed with a glossy green glaze that has amber streaks and deep blue drips and pools. The bottom textured area of the cup is unglazed and sealed with Liquid Quartz sealer, making it easy to clean and impervious to liquid and oil.

9 cm h x 7.5 cm w
~ 255 ml